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E-Mail von Geoff Trowbridge aus Anaheim, 27. April 2007:

Hello Wolf,

Lame Ducks AnaheimUnfortunately, I know only the ancestry of Moby‘s mother, not his father. All I know is that at his paternal grandparents were John M Hall and Alice B Aldridge.

I’m pretty sure that one of those two people is the source of the connection to the Melville family, but I don’t even know when or where either of them were born, and none of the online databases I’ve checked appear to have the information. Based upon what I’ve read in interviews with Moby, I don’t think that even he is aware of the actual connection.

Sorry I can’t help any further. Good luck!


Und die Leute glauben, in Musik- und Literaturgeschichte wäre nichts mehr zu holen…

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28. April 2007 at 5:50 pm

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