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Phasen eines Umschlags von Deutsch into English

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Less an update but more of the consequence to Emmaline is sugar and spice and all things nice. The Mother-Tongue Remix:

I was thirteen years old when I got my first
very cheap guitar.
I rehearsed a real lot and I wrote one song
each day, I was trying hard.
But my English pronunciation fand ich selber bald zum Lachen,
also fing ich an, deutsche Texte zu machen.

Thommie Bayer: Auf jeden Fall verkehrt/
Ich hab das alles mitgemacht Teil 3,
in: Abenteuer, 1979

Yankee Doodle Spirit of 1776On USA Erklärt, an English native speaker in Germany explains American matters to Germans in Germany in German; on German Joys, an English or German native speaker in Germany or America explains German matters to Germans or Americans in English; on raskal trippin, an exiled New York English native speaker in Berlin, Germany and Montreal, Canada explains hopscotch adventures to those who still keep a hint.

Solely on Moby-Dick™, a bunch of German native speakers have been riddling about English-American matters in German, though English-American native speakers might be most interested. Still we could reach a lot more readers by writing in English. There are more German folks who understand English than English folks who understand German.

Still following? The point is: Contributors to Moby-Dick™ are encouraged to write in a language that is received by prospective readers. Articles will preferably be published in English from now on. For the sake of friendly English-German connections and avoiding to be inverse nazis, German language will still be permitted.

On Moby-Dick™, a bunch of German native speakers in Germany will be trying to explain German-English matters to those who are interested using an idom they were supposed to learn in some kind of English lessons. Thank you.

Bild: Pike-Amite-Walthall Library System, Lizenz: Creative Commons.

Written by Wolf

13. October 2007 at 4:36 pm

Posted in Kommandobrücke

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