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Peg Leg Pedro 1938: A Chevrolet Is Not A Disney.

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Update to Call Him Ahab and
Die Katze, die sich nicht nass machen will, fängt keinen Fisch:

How long have appearances of one-legged pirates really been inventive, illuminative, illustrative, or at least funny? Every time you think of the oldest story featuring early impersonations of Captain Ahab avant la lettre, you stumble over an even older one — but it must have been even before Treasure Island. The captain being engaged in a pirate’s or a whaler’s job, is a question of the plot, not the topos.

1938. Pirates have become mythological, Chevrolet is trying to advertise with cartoons.

Favourite bit: The idyll in Nicky Nome’s Trouble Shooting Station from minute 4:00.

Peg Leg Pedro dwells in Arcade Nerds, Archive, and Youtube, but always in the Public Domain.

Written by Wolf

19. October 2007 at 12:50 am

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