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Life and Death and All That’s Bittersweet

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Update for Carroll, Milton, and Proust in the Blogroll:

Amanda Palmer, yes, exactly the Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls, recommends: Alain de Botton: Wie Proust Ihr Leben verändern kann, in English, of course: How Proust Can Change Your Life:

it’s been years since i read this one but i so loved it that i went out and bought 5 copies and started shoving this book into folks’s hands. alain writes a bit like bill bryson, pick topic: go, talk about life and death and all thats bittersweet and wrap it all up in a very tasty philisophical pastry shell. reading like a mockery of a self-help book, the jumping off point is proust and his tragicomic life and Work (there was really just the one book….) and the insights are so wide, deep and hilarious that you too will want to force this book on all your loved ones.

Amanda Palmer’s current Myspace recommendation

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Image: Amanda Palmer reading her fanmail.

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29. November 2007 at 12:01 am

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