Leben mit Herman Melville

A Whale Off Port Bow!

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Update for Moby Dick ist ein Gummitier:

Since Bêda is a lousy football player, there is something he ought to do well. Alessandro Bêda, 30 years old, creative, knows that God’s only multipurpose creation is the duck, which can, walk, swim and fly. He also knows that the duck does none of those things well. Against Nature, Bêda insists in doing lots of different things, and get really p**d off when he can’t. Never ask him about shrimp farming, it’s a trauma. Hope you like some of the things he does, Mrs. Nogueira, his mother, enjoys them very much.

Alessandro Bêda, Whale Vase 1

Alessandro Bêda, Whale Vase 2

Alessandro Bêda, Whale Vase 3

This Whale Vase is so simple, so elegant, so perfectly executed. It comes in two pieces you strategically place on any surface, as if the whale is breaking tide. Designer Alessandro Beda is currently looking for a way to mass produce and we couldn’t be more happier with the idea!

Images and words: A Whale Off Port Bow! by Alessandro Bêda, June 9, 2008.

Written by Wolf

27. June 2008 at 12:49 am

Posted in Reeperbahn

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