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What Would Jesus … erm … Think?

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What could be more extreme than crucifixion and resurrection? Well, maybe listening to the Van Warped Tour CD while eating EXTREME™ Fruit Snacks, grinding mean slopes on my snowboard with guitar in hand playing insane solos using only my teeth, with my EXTREME™ Teen Bible while fighting against the system and being a true revolutionary like Jesus, but resurrection comes close in extremeness. If it was anymore EXTREME™, we’d call it the Koran.

Man A in, September 10, 2005

What do we care reading fat books about fat fish (with nobody taking any pity on Chapter 34), when we can have the real McCoy in EXTREME™?

An extreme Bible for an extreme generation. For the less extreme kids out there: NKJV means New King James Version (1979 et seqq.). Remember Jesus’s birthday jamboree coming up! Be good!

Soundtrack: Violent Femmes: Jesus Walking on the Water, from: Hallowed Ground, 1990.

Written by Wolf

2. December 2008 at 2:28 am

Posted in Meeresgrund

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