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Talking Captain Ahab Blues

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Update for Captain’s Blues and How Things Go:

1.: Listen to my story, listen to my song:
Captain Ahab was a madman who told what’s right and did what’s wrong.
The old pegleg thought he was world’s greatest sailor and whaler,
but really was a total failure.

2.: What the sirens sang rang true that the skies and seas were blue
and a madman’s gotta do what a madman’s gotta do,
and he forced poor Ishmael and his sponsors to devotion
and sank the Pequod in the ocean.

3.: Their manhood was emerging while that white whale they searching,
but their figurehead was an Indian virgin
with hair so fair and lips like a rose,
and that’s how far my story goes.

Verse 3 line 3 + 4, Rotschopfwochen Special Remix:

ruby red from her head to her wood-carved toes
(pretty ten not petty five, as you can’t walk on those).

A Treasury of Spicy Sea Songs Cover

Image: A Treasury of Spicy Sea Songs was raised by Bethlehem High Fidelity.

Written by Wolf

1. March 2010 at 12:09 am

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