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Whalewatch: The whales will die off when we say they’ll die off

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Update for … doch das Meer braucht uns nicht:

Whaling still seems big business. There is more fuss about its legalization than smoking. The difference is: the aggrieved parties die real-time. Even some European countries will still have whaling quotae discussed. For Japan, it is a matter of national identity (but they buy schoolgirl underwear to sniff on), little islands in the status of a country with voting power get their votes paid with industrial facilities (whale porcessing?) — you heard enough Jewish jokes. International Whaling Commission’s 62nd Annual Meeting in Agadir, Morocco, 2010 is trying to legalize commercial whale hunting. Governments send retired secretaries, business people (guess what businesses) in holidays, and promising private citizens. The meeting is over, the petition still can be signed. You are readers of literature weblogs, gifted with thinking and feeling, so sign it and spread the word.

The links again:

  • International Whaling Commission: Details for The International Whaling Commission’s 62nd Annual Meeting in Agadir, Morocco, 2010, Press Release June 24/25, 2010: The Commission completed its discussions on the Future of the IWC without reaching a consensus resolution of its main differences. However, it noted that the intense work over the last two years had led to increased understanding of the different views held and an improved atmosphere of trust. It agreed to a pause in its work on this topic to allow time for reflection until the 2011 Annual Meeting;
  • Schlüsselrolle für die EU: Jahrestagung der Internationalen Walfangkommission (IWC) steht bevor, 14. Juni 2010: Vom 21. bis zum 25. Juni trifft sich die Internationale Walfangkommission (IWC) zu ihrer Jahrestagung in Agadir, Marokko. Im Zentrum des Interesses stehen zwei Themen, ein umfassendes und ein spezielles: Generell steht die Zukunft des Walfangmoratoriums von 1986 auf dem Spiel, das durch einen Kompromiss zwischen Walschutz- und Walfang-Bestrebungen ausgehebelt zu werden droht. Ein spezielles Thema ist der Antrag Dänemarks, die Jagd auf Buckelwale in Grönland zu erlauben. Sie soll im Rahmen des Eingeborenen-Subsistenzwalfangs stattfinden, der nicht dem Moratorium unterliegt.
  • Avaaz: WHALES: FINAL PUSH TO STOP THE HUNT, countdown running: Right now, the International Whaling Commission is meeting in Agadir, Morocco to vote on a proposal that would legalize commercial whale hunting for the first time since 1986. Sign petition.


And: The Onion: Suffering Blue Whales Plead With Environmentalists To Let Them Go Extinct Already,
June 19, 2010:

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