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Happy Landing!

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Update for On the Second of July, Her Plane Fell in the Ocean Far Away:

July 24th is Amelia Earhart Day!

Amelia Earhart, born July 24, 1897; missing July 2, 1937; declared legally dead January 5, 1939. Honored by David McEnery on July 2, 1939, as known by Freakwater on Feels Like the Third Time (CD in, 1994.

1.: Just a ship out on the ocean, just a speck against the sky,
Amelia Earhart flies in her plane.
With her partner, Captain Noonan, on the second of July,
her plane fell in the ocean far away.

Chorus: There’s a beautiful, beautiful field,
far away in a land that is fair.
Happy landing to you, Amelia Earhart,
farewell, first lady of the air.

2.: Half an hour later, when her SOS was heard,
her signals weak, but still her voice was brave.
In shark-infested waters her plane went down that night
in the blue Pacific to a watery grave. — Chorus.

3.: Now you heard my story of this awful tragedy,
We pray that you might fly home safe again.
In years to come, though others blaze a trail across the sea,
we’ll not forget Amelia in her plane. — Chorus.

Written by Wolf

24. July 2010 at 7:18 am

Posted in Rabe Wolf

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