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Update for Life and Death and All That’s Bittersweet:

Moby-Dick™ wishes the incredible Amanda “Fucking” Palmer a happy thirty-fifth birthday. Curtsey!

Amanda Palmer documenting herselfIn a secret connection, we can follow some artfully tied strings between ex-fairy, now botox victim, Tori Amos and now-and-ever goblin Ms. Palmer: in her friendship to the likewise incredible Neil Gaiman. Nerds like us noticed Tori Amos when she wrote the preface to Mr. Gaiman’s Death: The High Cost of Living in 1993. Today (okay, 2008 that was) that this comic incunabulum is of age, we meet Mr. Gaiman establishing a fine collection of songs, videos and stories named Who Killed Amanda Palmer. You have to understand Mr. Gaiman. The ladies Amos and Palmer are persons who probably exist in an world accessible to nerds like us.

You might have met her as one half of the Dresden Dolls. Today that this cabaret incunabulum is gone, Ms. Palmer has come of age. She finds her real artistic purpose solo, prancing around in her old Dresden Dolls gear with unshorn legs and what do we nerds know what else, firing a 1920s pathos with everything of necessary self-mockery, and still exciting us whether she will be capable of striking the next note. She always is (however her ukulele skills are going to keep us busy yet).

From the moment I first saw her there was no doubt whatsoever that she is a really good big girl. She keeps giving so much. Since she is of age, she can even sing her own birthday song. Happy dingdong, dear Amanda. I am here.

Media: Leeds United, the Who Killed Amanda Palmer album, videos, and book, all 2008.

Cover Who Killed Amanda Palmer. A Collection of Photographic Evidence. With Stories by Neil Gaiman

Written by Wolf

30. April 2011 at 12:01 am

Posted in Kommandobrücke

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