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Amanda, Evelyn, and Sienna in Sandy Fishnets

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Update zu Here’s one for Moby Dick:

Herrschaften, ich will uns ja nicht andere Leute als Vorbild hinstellen, nur mal darauf hinweisen, wie anderswo gearbeitet wird:

Sienna Mooney, 3. Januar 2008

i have to read 55 chapters of moby dick by monday! ch. 35-80!

Sienna Mooney, 3. Januar 2008.

55 Kapitel in 1 Woche. Wir könnten längst unsere eigenen Romane, Platten und Ausstellungen machen.

and now is probably an excellent time to tell you the story behind this song.
long before the discovery of the evelyn twins, the dresden dolls played a show in asbury, new jersey at a joint called the stone pony.
some of you were probably there. a bunch of fans and me and jason all traipsed over to the beach.
jason stood shaking his head at the hilarity of my barefooted-in-fishnets fans.
and after the crowd has dispersed and it was just us standing there, gazing over the gray new jersey sea, jason said, “sandy fishnets is an EXCELLENT name.”
and i said, “yes….yes it is.”
and then, years later, she became the sad little canary in the coal-mine for the ill-fated evelyn sisters.

Amanda Palmer: dressing up amanda fucking palmer, and a new sandy fishnets video, 16. Juni 2011.

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25. July 2011 at 12:01 am

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