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Update for All that we see or seem:

Christina Dichterliebchen has no Great Expectations to her job:

Carl Barks, Onkel Dagobert“Your birthday? Today? Really? So you share it with Charles Dickens. It’s his twohundreth birthday today.”

“Do I? That’s called a bicentennial. What do you share with him?”

“Not too much, sir, I’m German.”

“No matter, I’m not British either. I’m American, and we did most of his bonnet movies.”

“I wouldn’t even know him if it wasn’t for all your bonnet movies. So it’s still his initials that I share.”

“C for Charles or Christina, D for Dickens or… how d’ya pronounce it? Dick-ter-lybe-ken?”

“Liebchen, that’s right, sir. You’re doing fine, talking German.”

“That’s plenty, young lady. My congratulations.”

“And to you, sir.”

“Ah, and my uncle is Scrooge.”

“Happy birthday to both of thee.”

Image: Carl Barks, first-ever panel featuring Uncle Scrooge McDuck in: Christmas on Bear Mountain (Weihnachten auf dem Bärenberg; Die Mutprobe), 1947, in Jürgen Overkott: Die Wahrheit über Dagobert Duck, Der Westen, 23. Dezember 2007.

Written by Wolf

7. February 2012 at 12:30 am

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