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München am Meer XXIII: Photographing the Herman Melville Section

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Update for Der größte Buchladen Deutschlands (für Amanda):

o new zealand, new zealand, wonderful country of magic-green-rain-rolling-hills….today i woke up and walked randomly through the city of auckland…we play the powerstation tonight. after browsing in a fantastic bookstore called Unity (i always take a secret perverse pleasure in photographing the neil gaiman section and emailing it to neil. i’m like a international publishing spy) i passed a little juice bar, thought twice, backtracked, and walked in.

Amanda Palmer, the Neil Gaiman section in Unity Bookstore, Auckland, New Zealand

Amanda Palmer: tit-free newspapers, masturbating in hotels,
meeting richard o’brien + gifting paul kelly
, January 26, 2012.

The Herman Melville section in Hugendubel Marienplatz, München,
as stocked on Saturday, June 9, 2012:

Hugendubel Marienplatz, München, Abteilung Klassiker, Herman-Melville-Ecke

Full panorama view (the Herman Melville section is on the left side, in the height of young, lovely, and bespectacled Miss Amanda’s skirt):

Hugendubel Marienplatz, München, Abteilung Klassiker Hugendubel Marienplatz, München, Abteilung Klassiker

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13. June 2012 at 12:01 am

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